Aviation Cardiology Guidance


A very positive CAA Governance Meeting last week. Excited to see the publication in Heart of some suggested guidance for Aviation Cardiology. I see that this is mostly from a military background and it will be interesting to see [...]

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Activity Update


A busy few weeks. Working on updating the mitral valve regurgitation for the CAA Broadcasting a national webinar about atrial fibrillation (see picture) 2 days at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh working on the MRCP PACES exam [...]

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New CAA Flowcharts for Coronary Disease


New CAA flowcharts for Coronary Disease being worked on I've had a very productive few weeks working with colleagues at the CAA and RAF about how we can update the way that pilots with coronary artery disease are assessed [...]

New CAA Flowcharts for Coronary Disease2019-02-12T11:53:40+00:00

Admissions versus Beds


Food for thought ... Fascinating data from Andrew Goddard at the Royal College of Physicians. Less beds, lower length of stay but a massive rise in hospital admissions. How long can we sustain this?

Admissions versus Beds2019-02-12T11:46:28+00:00

Are Pilots Safe to Fly after Left Main Stem Angioplasty?


discussion about LMS PCI Interesting and productive discussion about LMS PCI at the recent CAA consultant cardiologists meeting. Risks for some seem to be low, but it seems we are still a little way from accepting this. I [...]

Are Pilots Safe to Fly after Left Main Stem Angioplasty?2019-02-12T12:50:44+00:00

New Website for the Hampshire Cardiac Clinic


New Hampshire Cardiac Clinic website Welcome to the new Hampshire Cardiac Clinic website. The new site has been developed by freelance web developer Steph Janes at Red Leaf Design, based in Chichester, West Sussex, to highlight the specialist aviation [...]

New Website for the Hampshire Cardiac Clinic2019-02-12T12:52:56+00:00
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