British Cardiologist Dubai – August


Lockdown continues to ease. So far no second peak for the UAE but we will all need to be extra careful when friends, neighbours and colleagues return from countries that still have active coronavirus. Remember that a negative swab [...]

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Let’s avoid a second peak


At the coalface it seems that the numbers of new admissions and numbers of patients with Coronavirus is falling. The UAE seems to have done a lot better from this than a great number of other countries around the world [...]

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British Cardiologist Dubai


British Cardiologist Dubai - Emerging from lockdown? After several weeks (and it feels much longer), there are signs that we may be relaxing restrictions in the UAE a little. This mustn't mean that we forget social distancing, wearing masks [...]

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British Cardiologist Dubai Coronavirus update


We are in unprecedented times. Undoubtedly the best way of slowing and limiting the spread of the virus is minimising social interaction - even when it comes to seeing your cardiologist! We are trying to offer as many consultations [...]

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British Cardiologist Dubai


Planning on starting a new blog based on the differences in working as an NHS consultant back in the UK and the challenges of moving and practicing here in the UAE. More to follow soon..........

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Dubai Development


Delighted to report that we've now expanded operations to Dubai and the UAE. I will be seeing pilots and patients over here and my colleague Dr Alex Hobson continues to work hard in the UK. I am practicing at [...]

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Expansion of services


Plans currently going well to expand our aviation services to the UAE in Dubai and possibly Abu Dhabi. Dr Alex Hobson, an extremely experienced cardiologist will be working with me to deliver this - Exciting times! [...]

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Exciting new developments


Exciting new possible developments at aviation Expansion of the UK team coming up soon and also a likelihood of expanding our aviation cardiology services out to the UAE in Dubai and then hopefully Abu Dhabi to follow. [...]

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